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Environmental Concerns


A Stronger Paper Bag….

I was walking home from Whole Foods carrying one of their environmentally friendly paper bags. The it...



We've seen incredible styled sinks. It has just been amazing, the marble, the crystal, the beautiful ceramics. Here is one example of a f...

Creating a Resource File


Intellectual property. One of the most valuable things any design firm has as an asset is its intellectual property. The ability to take ...


This program is designed to help you deal with the many issues that we as designers face today. It will not replace our Business Forum which is dedicated to more experienced designers.

Every firm is different. But much can be learned from the experiences of other designers. Most successful firms are small, and we are often very much alone.

Through the Designers Business Forum, a teleconferencing program, we can share each other's wisdom and feel less alone. This new year has many challenges that can be turned into successful profitable accomplishments. Don't miss your chance to do better work in a more rewarding and profitable manner.

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